Unusual Things to do in Lombok

Many tourists, who are looking for beach in Indonesia to spend their holiday, may choose to come to Bali. However, since Bali is a popular place so you may find a lot of people there who have the same purpose like you to enjoy the beach. If you prefer to go to a place where you can have peaceful atmosphere yet still have amazing beach, then Lombok may be a great choice. There, you can stay away from crowds and enjoy the atmosphere peacefully. It is located near Bali so you can find it easily. There are so many untouchable places and it offers you many things to do in Lombok. Some of the sightseeing in this island is including the white sand beach with a bunch of diving and snorkeling sites. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy diving and snorkeling even though it is the first time you do that since it is offered for both professionals and beginners. Also, you can enjoy more relaxed destination places in it. Though Lombok is nearby Bali, but there is something different between them. It is a perfect place to run away from your busy schedule.

Find the unusual things to do in Lombok. You can start from visiting these great places.

  • Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Lombok is also known well for its beautiful waterfalls. The most popular waterfall is Tiu Kelep Waterfall. This is a cataract which the location is in Senaru Village. Around this waterfall is gorgeous jungle. It takes for about 50 minutes trekking out from Senaru Village. The route is really great where you can enjoy seeing many local floras and faunas in this forest while trekking to Tiu Kelep. The waterfalls plunge down for 45 meters. There, you can feel such a cooling mist as you enjoy the scenery. Also, swimming in the base of this waterfall can be a relaxation after having a long hot trek to the forest.
  • Air Kalak Hot Spring. If Mount Rinjani is your next destination, then you should not miss the Air Kalak Hot Spring while trekking to the Mount Rinjani which is located for about 200 meters from the campsite. It is the best way to relax after scaling this Mount Rinjani since you will be able to relax your muscles in this hot springs. Local people said that the waters there have medicinal substances due to its volcanic mineral from Mount Rinjani. Therefore, it is a perfect place for those who prefer the soothing end from trekking.

Those two are only a little destination place when you come to visit Lombok. There, you will find many more great places that can make you enjoy the trip much. There is something different from Lombok that you can find only when you are in that place. You will be able to feel such an unfamiliar atmosphere. It catches your interest easily with a lot of great things to do in Lombok. Come there and refresh your mind from any work things.

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